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What is Medical Management?

Medical Management is recognised as a speciality in both developed and developing countries. However, there is no common nomenclature for the discipline and it is called by different names (Administrative Medicine, Medical Administration, Medical Management, Health Management).

“Medical Administration is a medical discipline concerned with the management of every aspect of the health services including planning, organising, controlling, co-ordinating and evaluating the resources, processes, output and outcome of patient care, education, training and research in the health sector at every level of prevention, promotion, cure and rehabilitation.” (ACPE)

of Physician Executives defines Medical Management as an integration of the knowledge, skills, ethics and values of medicine with the knowledge, skills, ethics and values of leadership and management. Medical management is continually happening in the offices of solo practitioners, group practice board members, hospital and health system leaders, consultants – virtually everywhere Medicine is practised.

Medical Management as a Speciality in South Africa

Why the Society supports the recognition of Medical Management as a speciality

This will give the Medical Managers same status as other specialists (such as Surgeons, Physicians, Paediatricians). The Medical Managers would be able to claim tax benefits, scarcer skills and overtime allowances (for public service doctors).

Why a specialist training is different from other training such as MPH or MBA?

A specialist training is different from other form of training due to experiential learning.

What is happening now?

The Society has started the process of revival of Medical Management as a Specialty. The Society had sent letters of intention to various stakeholders (such as The College of Public Health Medicine of South Africa, National and Provincial Departments of Health) and received favourable response from most of them.

It was agreed that the proposed speciality will be called ‘Medical Management’ and the specialist would be called ‘Medical Management Specialist’. The Society together with the Division of Medical Management (see below) is now preparing its submission to the Medical and Dental Board of HPCSA for recognition as a speciality.