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South African Society of Medical Managers is a national organisation of Medical Managers in South Africa. It is an affiliate of the South African Medical Association.

It aims to represent Medical Managers to serve its members and strives to create an environment where all health care workers can work together to improve the health of the nation.  

The Society requires the active support of the Medical Managers to make Medical Managers a recognised speciality in South Africa. Please send us an e-mail confirming your support (see news section)

In the News

Countries have established specialist Colleges such as newly established Division of Medical Management. Medical Management is now recognised in developing countries like Hong Kong,Singapore,India and Malaysia,which set up standards and conduct examinations for Fellowships in Medical Management.


Latest Articles

The Society has started the process of revival of Medical Management as a Specialty and had sent letters of intention to various stakeholders and received favourable response from most of them.It was agreed that the proposed speciality will be called ‘Medical Management’ and the specialist would be called ‘Medical Management Specialist’.



At the Council meeting of the   College of Public Health Medicine of South Africa, in Bloemfontein on 19th October 2006, ‘Division of Medical Management’ was created under the College of Public Health Medicine to drive this initiative.